Engineering a new beginning: part two

éva organic’s back story.

In part one, we walked down memory lane on how the éva organic back story began (was good wasn’t it?).  Let’s finish this epic back story on how Indre and Aivaras have moved on since éva organic began a year ago.

Aivaras is taking on a spiritual art direction to complement the couples love of Buddhism, life energy and thoughtfulness.  Indre intends on doing what she’s been doing plus expanding the beauty spa area, adding new key staff.  The sky is literally the limit!

“I love what I do and I want to keep sharing éva organic’s key messages. To make clients feel informed about caring for their hair and body thoughtfully.  And that organics is not just about using products, its choosing organics as a way of life.”

Indre feels blessed that one year on, éva organic is thriving.  With key staff on board and more planned for the future, the couple is looking for new projects to get their creative teeth into.

“I have some incredible staff working with me.  But my greatest support and partner is Aivaras.  He is hands-on in the salon and we have plans to incorporate more of his work into the business.”

The salon is adorned with carefully selected art pieces.  Some of these have been created by Aivaras.  His hand-made crystal art pieces adorn the salon, which the éva organic logo using semi-precious stone – amber, that they imported from their homeland.   These personal touches deliver on their brief of making éva organic the unique space the couple had wanted to achieve.

eva organic offers a space to re-charge from the fast-paced nature of life.  We encourage everyone to become more informed about what they put on and in their bodies.  And our salon is one way you can take the time to make this happen.  What we have in the salon is only the beginning!  We have plenty of other new éva organic products coming soon!”

With this sort of enthusiasm, this couple is destined to keep on engineering.

* IMAGE // Indre + Aivaras enjoying their fabulous space.