Engineering a new beginning: the back story.

PART ONE: How an organic hairdresser chose a love of adventure to end up on the Gold Coast.

IN 2009 INDRE AND AIVARAS moved from the small, but beautiful Baltic Republic of Lithuania bound for Australia.  A life-long dream was becoming a reality.  But before the couple made the monumental move, Indre had a whole different work life that involved some serious studies.   She completed her degree in mechanical engineering and worked on designing and creating assistance tools for disabled or impaired persons.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help people” Indre said.

“But, the isolation of engineering work and the constant use of computers really wore me out.   My true passion was still calling me and I reflected a lot on relatives who really enjoyed helping people through caring for how they looked.  I knew I could achieve this through hairdressing.”

Obviously, Indre was destined for the scissors.

Aivaras, also held time in a very different role as a highly sort after builder.  Ever the optimist, he encouraged Indre to complete a hairdressing apprenticeship in Lithuania, which helped land her a prestigious position in a Sydney salon on their arrival to the land of Oz.  And after six years learning from this top team, Indre decided it was time to move her flock to the glimmering Gold Coast in 2015.  The move meant Indre could finally realise her dream to help people through organic hairdressing.

Enter Aivaras’s building know-how.

Indre’s empire aspirations needed a distinctive space.  So with Aivaras savvy business know-how, he encouraged Indre to think of renovating a prominent property on the Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach.

However, Indre’s design requirements were not easy!  She envisaged a space that was different to other organic hairdressers on the Gold Coast.  It needed to be fashion forward, but approachable and bordered by clean lines and thoughtful space planning.  Indre wanted the salon to “link from front to back”.  Making it a mini spa feel without the formalised structure of a true spa.  Indre felt this philosophy allowed her clients to feel they can stay as long or little as the like.

Fast forward a few weeks and éva organic was underway.

The couple couldn’t have been happier.   Situated in Palm Beach embodies everything Indre felt éva organic represented – diversity, new thinking and community spirit.

“There’s a lot happening in Palm Beach and we felt starting a business here was right.  Heaps of business growth in Palm Beach meant éva organic was joining this community when it is really taking off.”

The éva organic flagship store opened its doors, September 2016.  Lucky Palm Beach!

* IMAGE // Indre + Aivaras in the fabulous éva organic space.